This is how a risk education works:

  • Check-in
  • Introduction
  • Teacher performs an ID and sobriety check
  • Security Hall (Driver safety and roll over simulator)
  • The vehicles – Skidpan driving on both slippery and rough surfaces
  • Summarizing and completion

This education is aimed towards those intending to get a driver´s license for cars and consists of two parts. First part is theoretical, Risk Education part 1, and second is a practical education, Risk Education part 2, where you will be driving a car in difficult situations learning how the vehicle behaves.

Both courses are mandatory and need to be passed with approved results before you can conduct theoretical and practical tests for your driver´s license.

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Risk Education Car part 1 (Theoretical)

Risk Education part 1 is a theoretical exercise where [...]

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Risk Education Car part 2 (Practical)

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Risk Education Part 2 Weekend

Risk Education Part 2 consists among other t [...]

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