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Gillinge Road Safety Centre has been teaching drivers how to handle wet and icy conditions since 1975. We are one of Northern Europe’s leading road safety centres. Driving on slippery surfaces is a mandatory part of obtaining a driving license in Sweden, and for good reason! Swedish winters pose numerous challenges, even for the most skilled drivers.

Sweden boasts one of the lowest road fatality rates in the world, thanks in part to our robust educational system and a traffic culture that supports strict regulations. For example, Sweden has a 0.2‰ blood alcohol limit for drivers, which is lower than most EU countries.

Gillinge trains individuals from various countries. We offer regular courses in Swedish and English, and can provide instruction in additional languages upon request. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you.

Our course for international drivers is a half-day session, available in the morning or afternoon. While we can customize the content upon request, the core elements of the course include:

  • Emergency braking on dry surfaces
  • Emergency braking on slippery surfaces
  • Corner handling
  • Braking and avoiding obstacles
  • The dynamics of speed
  • Common traffic laws and regulations
  • Understanding the car’s passive and active safety systems
  • Traffic culture in Sweden
  • Mastering winter driving

Don’t worry: this is one of the few times it’s okay to “fail.” We want you to make mistakes so you can learn what happens when you do. Discovering how to regain control can be a valuable lesson.

Our excellent café offers snacks, sandwiches, and full meals.

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