How is the booking done?

  • How is the booking done?

    Booking is easy online. Click here to book.

    N.B. The booking system is in Swedish only. The English courses are listed in English but to proceed you need to select if you need an interpreter. Under ”Språk/Tolk” select ”inget behov av hjälp” if you do not need an interpreter. Select ”Jag tar med egen hjälp” if you do need an interpreter. Please note that you are then expected to bring your own interpreter.

    1. Choose the risk course you are going to attend.
    2. Choose the time that suits you best when the suggestions come up and add it to the shopping cart.
    3. Fill in your personal information details.
    4. Pay for the course

  • Payment method
    You can pay by card or invoice. The invoice will be sent via e-mail and the payment term is 14 days.
  • Cancelling your booking

    To cancel your booking:

    1. Go to
    2. Log in
    3. Cancel your booking
    4. To get your money back, contact us at

  • Change your booking

    To change your booking:
    1. Go to
    2. Log in
    3.Cancel your booking and a balance will be created on your account
    4. Go to e-commerce (”e-handel”) in the left corner.
    5. Select a new time that suits you.
    6. Go to the checkout
    7. The balance is deducted automatically
    8. There will be 0 SEK to pay

  • How much is the Riskettan (Risk 1) course?

    Cost of Riskettan (Risk 1):
    1,500 SEK (in Swedish)
    1,500 SEK (in English)
    Cost of Riskettan (Risk 1) for motorcycle
    1,500 SEK (due to smaller groups / covid-19

  • How much is the Risktvåan (Risk 2) course?

    Cost of Risktvåan (Risk 2)
    2,190 SEK (in Swedish)
    2,390 SEK (weekend course)
    2,240 SEK (incl. bus from Uppsala)
    2,190 SEK (incl. bus from Sollentuna)
    2,190 SEK (in English)
    2,390 SEK (in English, weekend course)

    As of 1st of June the prices will be increased to:
    2,770 (weekdays)
    2,970 (evenings and weekends)

Click here to book.

Before your visit

  • What are our measures to prevent the spread of covid-19?

    -We disinfect all classrooms and educational areas after each course.
    -All our classrooms and educational areas are adapted to allow a maximum of one person per ten square meters of space.
    -Only one student is allowed per car during the course, and the car is disinfected after each student
    -At the check-in, students are divided directly into different classrooms to reduce the number of students in the same area.
    -All students are encouraged, at each different part of the course, to repeatedly sanitise their hands and keep a distance from other students, and they are given the option to use masks
    -Disinfection of hands is a requirement at the entrance of the building.
    -In the lobby, the cafeteria and between the courses, the students are continuously instructed by the staff to keep a distance from each other.
    -Protective glass and distance markings are located in the corridors and at the check-in counter and the cafeteria.
    - Sanitising liquid is available on every table in the cafeteria, in classrooms, at course stations and by the entrance to the classrooms.
    -The students will wait outdoors in tents between the driving sessions instead of indoors in the cabins by the tracks.
    -During Covid times we have a strict limit to group sizes. Anybody who brings an interpreter must state this when booking - N.B. this also applies to traffic schools - otherwise there is a risk that you will not be allowed to take part on your chosen date. If you need an interpreter - tick "Jag tar med hjälp" (I will bring help) when you book.
    -To meet Covid-19 prevention measures our Risk 1 courses for both car and motorcycle will as of Monday 1 March be held at Hotel Scandic in Täby, at Näsbyvägen 4, 183 30 Täby

  • What cars do you use?
    We use the electric car Nissan Leaf, 2019 model. This is a 100% electric car! All our cars are automatic.
  • Is there anything to eat?
    There are drinks, sandwiches and light snacks in our cafeteria. We accept payment by card or Swish. We do not take cash.
  • Do I need to bring identification?
    Yes, you will need a valid photo ID to show to the teacher.
  • Can I do the Risktvåan (Risk 2) course before the Riskettan (Risk 1) course?

    Yes! You can do the courses in any order you wish.

  • In which languages ​​is it possible to do the course?

    We offer the Risk 1 course and the Risk 2 course in English, in addition to Swedish.
    Find out more about our English courses here.

  • How does it work when I get there?

    1. When you come to Gillinge you must check in.
    2. You will be called up 15 minutes before the course starts.
    3. The teacher will do a roll call.
    4. ID and sobriety checks are performed.
    5. And then the course will start.

  • Do I need any special clothes?
    We will be outdoors during a large part of the course, dress appropriately for the weather. We recommend comfortable clothes that are suitable both for driving and sitting in a classroom. Those of you who are going to ride a motorcycle are welcome to use your own equipment in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Terms of purchase

    You can find our terms of purchase here.

  • I'm going by bus to Gillinge

    On our page How to get to Gillinge you will find all the information you need for your bus trip!

  • I need an interpreter
    If you need an interpreter, you can bring a person to translate for you. We do not have an interpreter available.
  • I missed my time!
    If you miss your booked time, you will be charged the full fee.

After your education

  • What happens after the course?
    You are presented with a questionnaire to let us know what you think about the course you have just taken. It is how we improve so we would appreciate if you could fill it in.
  • Do I get a diploma or something similar?
    No, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that you have participated in and passed the course.
  • Do I need to do anything to prove that I have passed?
    No, we report it electronically to the Swedish Transport Agency. You will not have to do anything.