Risk Education Car part 2 (Practical)


Risk Education part 2 consists of reality-based practical exercises that highlights common dangers while driving. Experience what it feels like driving on slippery surface, learn how a car behaves in emergency situations.

We hold courses both on weekdays and weekends, so go to booking and see if you find a date that suits you.

The education is approximately 4 hours, including pause, and consists of:

  • Human behavior
  • The car’s dynamics
  • Driving under special circumstances

How does human behaviour effect the ability to drive and what is the impact on traffic in general? Experience difficulties while driving and learn how to handle them safely. These exercises are done driving a real car and therefore you need sufficient skills to be able to complete the education. You must be able to:

  • Perform fast accelerations
  • Complete a full stop from high speed
  • Drive a car independently

Please note that if we assess your skills not being good enough, we will abort the education for safety reasons. Do not book this education until you are able to complete above mentioned actions.

After successfully passing this education we will inform Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) of your results.

Do not forget your ID!


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