Risk Education Car part 2 (Practical)

Risk Education part 2 consists of reality-based practical exercises that highlights common dangers while driving. Experience what it feels like driving on slippery surface, learn how a car behaves in emergency situations. The education is approximately 4 hours, including pause, and consists of:

  • Human behavior
  • The car’s dynamics
  • Driving under special circumstances

How does human behaviour effect the ability to drive and what is the impact on traffic in general? Experience difficulties while driving and learn how to handle them safely. These exercises are done driving a real car and therefore you need sufficient skills to be able to complete the education. You must be able to:

  • Perform fast accelerations
  • Complete a full stop from high speed
  • Drive a car independently

Please note that if we assess your skills not being good enough, we will abort the education for safety reasons. Do not book this education until you are able to complete above mentioned actions.

After successfully passing this education we will inform Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) of your results.

Do not forget your ID!


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Vi har öppet:

Med anledning av den omfattande spridningen av det nya coronaviruset följer vi riktlinjer från Folkhälsomyndigheten.

Gillinge har mot bakgrund av rådande läge beslutat att elever, kunder samt anställda som varit utomlands eller träffat coronasmittad person inte ska delta på utbildning hos Gillinge, inom två veckor efter hemkomst/eventuellt smittotillfälle.

Känner du dig krasslig när det är dags för dig att åka till Gillinge – chansa inte – personer som uppvisar sjuksymtom får inte delta i utbildningen då den bedrivs som grupputbildning.

Ombokning är naturligtvis kostnadsfri om du är orolig eller känner dig krasslig.

Du som vill ta med dig en tolk måste anmäla det till oss när du bokar, annars finns det risk att du inte får genomföra utbildningen.


We’re open:

Given the wide spread of the COVID-19 virus we follow the guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

In light of the current situation Gillinge has made the decision that all students, customers or employees who have been abroad or who have been in contact with persons carrying the virus shall not take part in any education at Gillinge within two weeks after their return/possible time of contamination.

If you feel ill when you are due at Gillinge, please do not risk your or other people’s health. Persons who presents symptoms are not allowed to take part in the education as it takes place in groups of several people.

Rescheduling is of course free if you are concerned for your health or feel ill.

If you want to bring an interpreter with you, you must report it to us when you book, otherwise there is a risk that you will not be able to complete the education.