-We disinfect all classrooms and educational areas after each course.
-All our classrooms and educational areas are adapted to allow a maximum of one person per ten square meters of space.
-Only one student is allowed per car during the course, and the car is disinfected after each student
-At the check-in, students are divided directly into different classrooms to reduce the number of students in the same area.
-All students are encouraged, at each different part of the course, to repeatedly sanitise their hands and keep a distance from other students, and they are given the option to use masks
-Disinfection of hands is a requirement at the entrance of the building.
-In the lobby, the cafeteria and between the courses, the students are continuously instructed by the staff to keep a distance from each other.
-Protective glass and distance markings are located in the corridors and at the check-in counter and the cafeteria.
– Sanitising liquid is available on every table in the cafeteria, in classrooms, at course stations and by the entrance to the classrooms.
-The students will wait outdoors in tents between the driving sessions instead of indoors in the cabins by the tracks.
-During Covid times we have a strict limit to group sizes. Anybody who brings an interpreter must state this when booking – N.B. this also applies to traffic schools – otherwise there is a risk that you will not be allowed to take part on your chosen date. If you need an interpreter – tick ”Jag tar med hjälp” (I will bring help) when you book.
-To meet Covid-19 prevention measures our Risk 1 courses for both car and motorcycle will as of Monday 1 March be held at Hotel Scandic in Täby, at Näsbyvägen 4, 183 30 Täby


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