We provide

  • Driver´s license training for private individuals –risk education.
  • We provide driver training for anyone who drives at work, regardless of vehicle types Cars, truck´s, taxi, busses, military tanks, moped´s or even three-wheeler tuk-tuk. We provide solutions for your driving training at our traffic safety center- regardless of the vehicle.

The primary focus of our training is the participants

Our pedagogic approach emphasises the participation of course participants in the training to the furthest extent. By group work, diskussions and self-assesment exercises which are combined with practical training, we develop driver´s training and behaviour in traffic environment.

For Company drivers we provide both a good range of highly developed traffic courses and tailored courses from company needs of training, that you benefit from.  All in which the participants are our primary fokus.

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For those about to take driver´s license

According to Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency), anyone who wants a driver´s license must first complete Risk Education part 1 and part 2. These two educations are compulsory and must be completed before final theoretical exam and driver´s test.

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About Us

Our main goal is to manage and develop driver training to promote road safety in Sweden. Stockholms Trafiksäkerhetscenter Gillinge AB has since its inauguration in 1975, when King Carl XVI Gustaf opened the facility, had over 500,000 students and participants. We currently educate approximately 24,000 persons annually and offer education packages for companies, Swedish military, rescue services, government agencies and organizations as well as those wanting a driver´s license.

We are Sweden's largest traffic training site and receive both private individuals and professional drivers who undergo different types of educations. The facility can also be hired by companies or organizations for tests and events and we also offer facilities for conferences.