Risk Education Part 2 Weekend

Risk Education Part 2 consists among other things of reality-based practical excercises that highlights the dangers of driving.

Risk Education Part 2 is about four hours long and includes:

  • Human behavior
  • The car’s dynamics
  • Driving under special circumstances

During training, you will have the opportunity to experience your limited ability to cope with a difficult situation in traffic.To carry out the training practical elements it is important that you are at the end of your education. For example you should be able to:

  • perform hard accelerations
  • braking from high speeds
  • drive a car independently

If you do not have the experience as described above, the teacher will for safety reasons not let you continue your education. Upon discontinuation of education, the fee is forfeited.

After you have completed your course, we will notify the authorities.

Do not forget to bring your ID!!


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